Telluride Paragliding offers instructional tandem flights. Tandem's flights are the doorway to free flight. Sharing your first flight with one of Telluride Paragliding certified instructors in one of the most beautiful places to fly  in the world will leave you with memories of a lifetime. We want to show you how its done by letting you be the pilot in command.

The idea of most tandem flights is to share our experience and knowledge on how we control and fly the paraglider. Our goal in taking you tandem is to spark your interest and inspire you to become a pilot someday. We will discuss how the glider launches, how it fly's and lands before your flight. You will have the option of flying the tandem on your own if you choose. We want to teach you the basics, expose you to something new and exciting. Our joy comes from sharing and watching you do the flying. Of course you also have the option of being a passenger along for the ride, with no commitment of flying.

We charge $190 per flight. We meet in the morning starting at 8:00am, 9:15am and 10:30am . The turn around time total time can be up to an hour and a half. Flights can last as long as 20 minutes. You will be required to wear proper footwear, long pants and a light jacket. We provide the helmet and your harness. We only fly young people of 11 years or older.  Other things we also require is that you are capable of hiking for 10 minutes. We recommend the morning of the flight your are well slept, and well hydrated before the flight. Please remember to use sun screen.

We offer gift certificates if you are looking to hook up a friend or family, Give us a call of email and we will get a you your gift card to by mail.



Kevin McGinley flying tandem

 Take a Tandem flight with Telluride Paragliding.  Get a view of Telluride that only few can experience.

Kevin McGinley downtown Telluride, Co

 Take pictures, fly the glider, and stick your landing.  Get a view of Telluride that only few can experience.

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