Your first lesson begins with an equipment introduction and demonstration. Then we let you begin kiting the glider {ground handling} with the help of a certified instructor. We start with inflating the glider. Then we teach you about timing and input force as you lift it in to the air. As we improve are foot work, timing, and steering we learn how to keep the glider over head and under control. Ground handling is the first and most important step to becoming a safe paragliding pilot. Once control of the glider is being achieved and you start to sense a connection and feel more relaxed we will start to talk about how we control the glider in flight and on landing.

When you are ready for your first flight we will have a 2 meter radio on you so that you can receive input if needed. We will prepare you during your pre flight and go over your flight plan. The radio's are back up in case you don't follow the flight plan. We encourage you to listen to the pre flight closely so that you can follow the flight plan without input from us. If we see something you are not doing we will remind you of the flight plan on the radio. Remember the radio is meant as a backup, as we've learned they do not always work as expected.

Once you have had some flights, we will return to the training hill for ground handling and technique of controlling the paraglider. Kiting the glider for hours will help build a solid foundation of hand and eye coordination of the paraglider. We want you to feel extremely confident in your ground control. Our goal is to teach you that the fundamentals of launching the glider are the foundation of a long safe career in paragliding. As you become more confident you will know the difference between a out of control launch, and a confident smooth in control launch.

We offer a 10 day course for $1500. That includes all ratings after your beginner novice rating. We believe in following though after you invested in us. We encourage you to buy the gear from us but it is not required.

There are some great schools in the USA many which I would recommend. Unfortunately there are also as many schools out there that could do a better job. Please choose a school wisely! Look for instructors that won't bail on you after your purchased gear. We are faced with many instructors out there that are only in it for the quick money. Please be aware and do your research before picking a school


Kevin McGinley flying tandem

 Take a Tandem flight with Telluride Paragliding.  Get a view of Telluride that only few can experience.

Kevin McGinley downtown Telluride, Co

 Take pictures, fly the glider, and stick your landing.  Get a view of Telluride that only few can experience.

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