Telluride Paragliding is owned and operated by Kevin McGinley.  Kevin has been doing beginner and advanced paragliding instruction around the world since 2003.  Telluride Paragliding is privileged to teach at some of the most recognized free flight flying site's around the world.

At Telluride Paragliding our primary focus is the safety and welfare of our students. As the highest elevation paragliding school in the United States, our goal is to provide an indepth understanding of weather and elevation conditions. We want our knowledge of the sky to be your guide to staying safe and responsibile flight.

Owner and Operator - Kevin McGinley

I started paragliding in 1995. Flying paragliders back then was not as common as hanggliding. I made the choice to paraglide because of a friend T.R Youngstrom who gave me a free introduction. T.R was a professional photographer for Powder Magazine and one of the first paragliders in Telluride. My first summer living in Telluride was 1988 when I was introduced to hanggliding via the Telluride Airforce Aero battle. For years these incredible pioneers ruled the San Jauns mountains until about 1990 when the first paragliders started to surface.

I started officially flying in the summer of 1996 when I was introduced to the sport by a local instructor and mentor Scotty Maclowry. At that time getting instruction was not easy to come by.  Fortunately, I was graced with Scotty's expertise, safety and knowledge of high mountain paragliding. Learning from someone who's primary focus was safety in the big mountains of Telluride had a tremendous impact on how I understand free flight, and how I teach my students.

After flying in the United States for a couple years I started to travel with my paraglider to new flying sites out of the country. Mexico was first, then came Brazil, France and Colombia. My paraglider had become the perfect traveling companion. Over the years of flying I started to compete in paragliding cross country competitions around the world. Enjoying flying and doing competitions, I realized were two different realities. Although the information I learned competing on paragliders proved to be very instructive I found the competing thing just was not for me. Flying cross country distance seemed to be my calling.

I started first teaching with Chis Santacroce and Jeff Farrell of Superfly Paragliders at the point of the mountain in Draper Utah. I learned to teach and fly tandems with one of the most experienced and respected paragliding instructors in history, Chris Santacroce. Chris can fly anything with or without wings he was my mentor as a pilot and as an tandem instructor. His skill and knowledge of paragliding stands alone until this day 20 some odd years later. Brad Gunnuscio friend and mentor helped me grow to become a cross country pilot. Brad's dedication to safety and cross country knowledge is some of the bases of my skill set.

Then came Eagle Paragliding in Santa Barbara California the best paragliding school in the USA, maybe the world. I was fortunate to work there for 7 years. Where I taught hundreds of students from beginning to advanced. Rob Sporrer owner and founder of Eagle Paragliding is the most recognized instructor in paragliding for safety and follow through with his students. Rob philosophy on quality instruction over gear sales stands alone on planet earth. Paragliding is very lucky to have him.

These days Telluride Paragliding has been traveling to Brazil and Colombia in the winters doing beginner to advanced tours on how to fly cross country. Come April we are back in Telluride open for business teaching and doing tandems until October. We at Telluride Paragliding are dedicated to the sport of paragliding. We want to insure your experiences with us will reflect positively on the paragliding community all around the world.


Kevin McGinley flying tandem

 Take a Tandem flight with Telluride Paragliding.  Get a view of Telluride that only few can experience.

Kevin McGinley downtown Telluride, Co

 Take pictures, fly the glider, and stick your landing.  Get a view of Telluride that only few can experience.

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